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Meet Christie

Certified Ascension Coach

Hi, my name is Christie and I welcome you warmly to my site.

Even as a child I felt a strong connection to God and was speaking with Him like my best friend. Now I know that I'm not crazy lol, and that this imaginary friend was real all the time! And you also have this connection, God is always there with you. He is your best friend, your true father and mother, your partner and lover. And because God doesn't want to be only spiritually with you, He created you as a Twin Flame, as one with your divine and perfect partner, your ultimate lover, and God is loving you through them and vice versa. 

But because we have believed in separation for thousands of years and the lie that God doesn't want our best, we were not able to be and stay with our one true love before, because the one thing that God doesn't have is our love. He gave us our free will so that we voluntarily desire to be with Him.

And the only reason why we feel bad and experience separation on the outside is because of the lies we still believe in.

You have the power to create your own reality with your heart and your consciousness, as within - so without, and the more you align them with love and the truth of who you really are as a divine child of God, which is perfect since birth and completely lovable, the more you experience your Heaven on the outside, on Earth!

When I felt very lost on my journey, depressed and heartbroken, God guided me finally after a long search for answers and help to my beloved teachers Jeff & Shaleia. 

They are Twin Flames living in Harmonious Union, which means that they healed separation at their core and that they are living as one together in harmony.

To be weak somewhere doesn't mean that y
CAC (2).png

They felt that what they have is very sacred and they felt the strong desire in their heart to share their love and happiness and the tools to get there with everyone, with the whole world, because everyone has a Twin Flame, and when you are reading these words, God wants to ignite your flame in your heart. He wants to help you to live your own Heaven on Earth with your beloved Twin Flame. It's meant for YOU and it's your natural state of being to be with your One True Love.

I'm a Certified Ascension Coach based on the teaching of Jeff & Shaleia and I'm here to take your hand and to guide you step by step on your journey home into your own Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame and beyond.  

I'm looking forward to you.


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