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Twin Flame Coaching

Are you ready to claim your Divine life

with your Twin Flame?

I would be honored to guide you as your Coach to help you learn how to heal Twin Flame separation at your core, find your peace within, and claim your power again on your Twin Flame journey.

In these Twin Flame Healing Sessions, I will guide you through whatever may be blocking you on your journey by using the life changing tool the Mirror Exercise. By using this tool and these teachings of self love, I can help you come into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond.

Your session will be via "zoom". It's super easy to download on your phone or computer. Just click on the link in your confirmation e-mail. I'm looking forward to you.


1x 30 minutes 
Children Coaching


Just message me and we will find

the perfect appointment for your child


1x 30 minutes 


Sea Turtle_edited.png

4x 30 minutes Coaching


1x 1 hour 



Image by Ranae Smith

4x 1 hr Coaching




Group Coaching

4x  $150

 1x  $40

Every Monday at 2 pm EST time (75 min)
I'm looking forward to welcome you


"Since half a year Christie accompanies me with much empathy and love. We have a lot of fun during our coaching sessions, even if sometimes it is not easy to resolve something. At the moment I can't imagine anyone better than her as a coach. God speaks so well through her that it is easier for me to accept and process everything.  I can only recommend working with her." 

Steph Stahl

"Christie has been my wonderful coach since the beginning of 2020. She accompanies me lovingly, understandingly, motivatingly on my Twin Flame journey and she is always there for me supportively when I need her. I have worked through many blocks and false beliefs.
All this inner work has resulted in me now living with my Twin Flame. I can no longer imagine coaching without Christie and look forward to continuing on the path with her guidance."

Sabrina J.

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