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Honesty is the most important factor in your Twin Flame Union. Only when you allow yourselves to be completely honest and authentic, you can build a rock solid foundation of trust, even before choosing a deeper commitment for each other.

It's letting go of all people pleasing and learning to just being open and present with yourself and what is coming up for you. You don't have to judge yourself or your Twin Flame when you are honest with one another. You can choose to not take it personally when your Twin Flame is expressing themselves, because being honest doesn't mean that it is the truth.

For example when your Twin Flame is saying that they don't love you, it might be their experience in this moment, but it is just a block that is coming up to be healed and doesn't mean that they don't actually love you. So it's safe to bring everything up to the table and to work together through everything that arises and by that you are always going deeper into Love.

Honesty is creating reliability, it is supporting you to heal your Twin Flame Union in the fastest way possible. Your Twin Flame is helping you to look at all the places in your common consciousness that are still out of alignment with love and so you can love yourself there with the Mirror Exercise and heal your Twin Flame Union, what will be immediately reflected by your Twin Flame, because you are healing together as One in the same moment.

Honesty is powerful and is choosing love. Dishonesty is very weak and is choosing separation from yourself and therefore your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your eternal best friend and you will learn to speak with them about everything.

You will feel so free and loved by being your true and honest self. Nobody will understand you like your Twin Flame. You will feel more and more that you can invest all of yourself into your Twin Flame Union and it will stay there with you forever, and you will see it come back to you multiplied.

What honesty means not is to intentionally hurt your Twin Flame when you are extra upset and triggered by them. It doesn't mean to blame them and to let your moods out on them. They are not responsible for your feelings. But you will learn to healthy communicate about what is going on inside of you without judging them or yourself. Being honest and vulnerable with your Twin Flame is one of the most loving, healing and beautiful experiences you can have with someone. And by trusting each other more and more you will never stop going deeper into Love. It`s God*s Love manifested for you.

You will get to know yourself by being honest with God, yourself and your Twin Flame in ways you could have never imagined. Enjoy your Ascension journey. It's perfectly created and layed out for you by God. Remember that you are not your feelings or your thoughts, you are consciousness. So just allow everything to come up and welcome everything with love and without fear or judgement. It's just meant to bring you further on your journey and closer to God, yourself and your Twin Flame.


If you desire to learn more about Twin Flames and how to heal separation at the core with the Mirror Exercise, I can just recommend this amazing Free Twin Flame Introductory Course. Enjoy.

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