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After the choice of being honest with yourself and your Twin Flame, trust is the next key to build an unbreakable foundation for your Twin Flame Union.

Trust is build when you and your Twin Flame are coming together and honestly share your authentic selves and your deepest parts with each other.

It's not about who is wrong or right, you are allowing to bring everything to the table and then together with God and love you find out what is the truth here. Your puzzle piece is important, your Twin Flame needs your honest opinion, you are complementing each other perfectly with your common consciousness that you share.

Your Twin Flame is your best friend and you will find out more and more that they understand you like nobody else and that you can speak about everything. They have for example the same fears, the same patterns, the same silliness and weirdness than you. They feel like home.

So by sharing yourself with them you are developing more and more trust with each other. You are feeling free, loved, supported and cared for in your Union.

Especially by taking responsibility for your own upsets and feelings and healing them with the Mirror Exercise, you are trusting your Twin Flame and therefore your Union that no matter what is coming up, that you will work through it.

God has a solution for every problem and by being honest with the feelings that are coming up, nothing can come between you and your Twin Flame, you directly take care of it, either on your own or by doing the inner work together. You can for example pull oracle cards with each other and share your thoughts and feelings that are coming up. You can guide each other through the steps of the Mirror Exercise or holding space while you or your Twin Flame is healing through an upset and loves themselves there. You will directly feel the healing and the peace within yourself.

Enjoy your quality time with your Twin Flame and your getting to know each other, it's an eternal journey and it will never get boring with them, because God is at the center of your Union and is guiding you perfectly each step of the way.

Explore your intimacy together and your Oneness, you will just relax deeper into your trust with eachother, and you will always go deeper into love.

The next and 3rd key for your Harmonious Union is "Commitment".

Look out for next weeks Blog post about why commitment is essential to support you through the really tough times and to have an unstoppable Harmonious Union.


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