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Commitment is a very important key on your Twin Flame journey to manifest and keep your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Commitment means to go All-in with your Twin Flame without any backdoor out of your Union.

It's safe to make this commitment, because there will be nobody better coming your way, only your Twin Flame can fulfill all your deepest desires and is created to grow forever with you.

Making a commitment with your Twin Flame is essential before entering the Upset stage and going through the really hard times. It means that you are committed to be there for yourself and your Twin Flame through every struggle and upset that might come up no matter what.

This way no matter what is coming up in your Union, nothing and nobody can come between you, because you are honestly sharing with each other what you are feeling and moving through.

This clarity is supporting your Union and is showing you what is going very well and where you need to heal something and make new loving choices.

Making a commitment doesn't mean that you have to marry your Twin Flame in the early stages of your Union, but it means that a genuine commitment is needed that you both honor to maintain.

Jeff for example made a signed commitment and sent it to Shaleia after they were communicating for a few months:

"I committed to Shaleia that no matter what happened, I would continue to invest in our Union to the best of my ability and the extent of my power for 30 days after either of us decided to end our relationship. I would give any break-up 30 days before I honored and acted upon it. I would give an extra 30 days beyond what I would give any normal relationship, because I knew there was something special between us that I desired to protect.

I protected my Twin Flame Union with my commitment because I knew I wanted to be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that ending the relationship was because of a conscious decision, rather than some massive upset that sent each of us hurling down opposite paths at light-speed. My commitment to her, and soon after, her mutual commitment to me, was one thing that kept us together through the most painful and challenging days in our upset stage."

Maybe you feel inspired to do something similar together with your Twin Flame and you will experience that you are able to go deeper into love with each other.

The next key for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is "Persistence", which you will find in next weeks Blog post.


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