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After honesty, trust and commitment, persistence is another important key to have an unstoppable Twin Flame Union.

Persistence is like the engine to keep you going and moving forward no matter what will happen or which upsets will come up, you will keep investing into your Union.

Even if the same blocks are coming up again and again or feelings of giving up, you keep loving yourself with the Mirror Exercise anyway.

Persistence prevents you from getting stuck in patterns or even quitting. It's what keeps your Union growing. And you don't even need your Twin Flame to move forward, because they are healing and choosing along with you, you are One.

The more persistent you become, the easier it will get along your journey and you will gain inner spiritual muscles and momentum. You will feel that doing the inner work with the Mirror Exercise will be like a healthy addiction, you just want to feel good, happy and peaceful all the time, and the moment an upset arises, you are finding loving yourself.

So just keep going, even if it is in baby steps. Just keep loving yourself, that's the most important lesson on your Twin Flame and Ascension journey. You deserve love in every moment.

The next important key for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is "Compassion", which you will find in next weeks Blog post.


Find all the important basics for your Twin Flame journey here in this amazing book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover". Enjoy.

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