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Having compassion on your journey for yourself and your Twin Flame is very important, otherwise it will be difficult to attain the vibration of Harmonious Union.

Accepting yourself and having compassion for yourself and what you are moving through right now will support your Twin Flame Union, and your Twin Flame will also accept you unconditionally and love you through your experiences of separation from God and yourself.

Having compassion for yourself or others doesn't mean to feel sorry, but knowing that everyone can make a new loving choice right now, in every moment. You can have compassion for how uncomfortable it must feel for them to hold on to their upsets and unloving choices. But we all have the same power from God to manifest the reality we desire, and there is no moment you have to feel bad, you can just choose love.

Holding space for yourself and your Twin Flame is very loving, and even if you already know that something is not the right choice, you allow your Twin Flame to make their own experiences and support them unconditionally through their challenges. That's the fastest way through it.

Sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do in a situation is to let someone go who you thought once were very close to you and you find out that they are not aligned in loving you at your core and do not support your Divine Self and your Twin Flame Union. Letting them go actually allows you to grow, to thrive and to feel free and alive, this is loving everyone.

The next important key to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is "Unconditional Love", which you will find in next week's Blog post.


Find all the important basics for your Twin Flame journey here in this amazing book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover". Enjoy.

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