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Unconditional love is similar to compassion. It means that no matter what happens, you will love your Twin Flame anyway. They are acting like an idiot, they are saying nasty things to you or are even in a relationship with somebody else, you love them anyway. You love them completely and without condition.

Unconditional love means that you are not withdrawing your love from your Twin Flame, you let it flow, even when you are setting boundaries with each other. You are holding a loving space and have compassion for whatever you are moving through.

Unconditional love doesn't mean allowing abuse or to be treated badly or disrespectful. God would never want that you allow to be treated like that. But by loving yourself and setting boundaries to every invitation of not love, you are loving yourself and your Twin Flame, and the love flows through the boundary. You are standing firm in peace and the truth of love, and every choice of love trumps any other choice.

It's safe to love your Twin Flame, they are you and always make the same choices than you. That means that they also can only reflect and mirror your own choices back to you. You will learn to not take anything personally and to remind and support each other that you are One and in the same team.

Jeff & Shaleia teach in Twin Flame Ascension School perfectly and in a holistic manner what it means to love uncondtionally and completely.

When you are signing up for this Free Twin Flame Introductory Course, you will receive access to the free Twin Flame Ascension School classes at the end of Lesson 8, and many more videos. Enjoy.

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