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Forgiveness is a very important component on your Twin Flame journey. You can only move forward and being with your Twin Flame, when you are able to forgive, take responsibility for your upsets and actually heal them.

Forgiveness means to let go of completely. Like in the image above with the bird, you give everything to God and let it go. God doesn't need to forgive you, God only sees love and your true Divine Self. And you are allowed to see it too.

Holding a grudge towards your Twin Flame will only keep you in separation consciousness.

Judging yourself and others will only keep you stuck on your journey. But your choice is powerful and here is a simple decree for you from Jeff & Shaleia's book "Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover":

"I choose to forgive all upsets past, present, and future any time they arise. Forgiveness comes easily, joyfully, and naturally to me because forgiveness is part of who I am, and extending forgiveness to another naturally extends forgiveness into myself."

The more you love yourself by doing the Mirror Exercise with every upset that is coming up in your reality, the more peace you will feel in your heart, which will naturally attract your Twin Flame to you.

Here you find the most beautiful Peace Meditation - it always touches me to tears when I listen to it and it brings me into deep peace, surrender and presence with God, myself and my Twin Flame.

In next week's Blog you will find the last key to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union: Respect.

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