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Respect means that you honor every experience in your life. It means to respect the choices of your Twin Flame, yourself and others. It means you respect the choices of God in your life through your circumstances.

To move through a situation to the next level it is very important to respect what you are experiencing right now. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, you cannot avoid this experience.

Don't choose to numb out. Honor your experience and with that you are claiming your power back. By honoring your experience you can actually move through it and move forward.

The same is true when you are experiencing a lot of love in your life with your Twin Flame.

You have to respect that this is your experience without trying to control it or to keep it, otherwise you are creating separation that you don't want. Trying to control a situation will only lead to losing what you desire. Just surrender and welcome every experience with love and respect.

To love unconditionally, you have to respect the choices of your Twin Flame. Have compassion for them instead of judging them, and if you feel triggered just love yourself with the Mirror Exercise.

Allow them to having their own experiences while holding a loving space for them.

If your Twin Flame for example says that they are not loving you, respect that this is their experience right now, but you do not need to accept this as yours. You can stand firm in the truth and the true reality with God of eternal Oneness. Transcend the illusion by choosing love and the truth instead.

This is the fastest way you are supporting your Twin Flame through their experience.

With all these 8 Keys to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union: Honesty, Trust, Commitment, Persistence, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Respect, you will have an unstoppable Union for the rest of your beautiful eternal life as One with your Twin Flame.

You can always come back to these principles as your foundation and repeat going deeper with them.

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