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Sometimes you already felt it as a little child, that there is someone who is only meant for you, who understands you like nobody else in the world, who is like you. Your divine counterpart, your Twin Flame.

This desire comes from God, Love itself and it's safe to allow it and to let the love flow.

Maybe you already met your Twin Flame or you are not sure if it's this person you have in mind, or you even have no idea who your Twin Flame is and didn't meet them yet.

No matter the case, the most important step to make is a clear choice in your heart, that you want to be with your Twin Flame, that you want them in your life.

When you feel ready in your heart to call in your One True Love, your eternal lover, there is a beautiful and powerful decree to invite your true Twin Flame into your life:

"I choose my Harmonious Twin Flame Union now.
I invite my true Twin Flame to reveal themselves to me now.
I call in all of God's Angels to support me in my revealing process.
I choose for this to be fun and easy.
I surrender and invite complete humility as I reveal myself to my Twin Flame.
I am ready and I step forward now into my new reality and so it is. Amen."

( from Twin Flame Ascension School, Wednesday 7pm Class #7.1)

Now that you made this powerful decision you surrender it and let your heart guide you.

Your Twin Flame chooses as One with you, that means that you are always making the same core choices in the same moment. That is how connected you are in sharing one common consciousness.

The decision was the first step to manifest your Twin Flame, calling them into your life.

The next step is to attract your Twin Flame.

In next week's Blog you will find a beautiful exercise to attract your Twin Flame and to feel into your Twin Flame Union.

Have a good time



If you desire to learn more about Twin Flames and how to heal separation at the core, I can just recommend this amazing Free Twin Flame Introductory Course. Enjoy.

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