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After making the choice in your heart to be with your Twin Flame, now you will be shown what is actually blocking your Union from manifesting. Your choice has immense power and it's a natural process, guided by the Divine to show you step by step what needs to be healed to be with your Twin Flame in permanent Harmonious Union.

You just need to be present with what arises in your reality. Every upset, no matter if with your Twin Flame or with something else, is your next step on your journey - your building block for the foundation of your eternal Union.

The Mirror Exercise is such a powerful tool, you can use it to manifest everything that you desire.

You are making the choice and just follow the feelings and blocks that are coming up.

With every Mirror Exercise you are doing you come into Union with God there within yourself and therefore with your Twin Flame and everything you desire. Your vibration gets higher and higher while automatically manifesting your dreams coming true.

The best start is to write down every step of the Mirror Exercise, so that you can get really clear on each core upset you are having.

Now let's start with the Mirror Exercise Steps:

Step 1: Describe in one concise sentence the upset you are experiencing.

Example: I am upset at my Twin Flame for ignoring me.

Step 2: Write the sentence all over again, but switch all the nouns to pronouns and point them to yourself.

Example: I am upset at myself for ignoring myself.

Step 3: Now sincerely ask yourself, "Is there ANY truth to that statement?" Hint: The answer is always "Yes."

Take your time and contemplate how it might be true in your consciousness.

Where am I ignoring myself? I'm ignoring my needs, I'm putting others and my work first instead of myself.

Step 4: Speak to that part of yourself causing the upset and love yourself there until you experience peace, relief and completion within.

Ask yourself, "What do I need there to feel loved right now?" It will always tell you what it needs to feel loved. It might be a big hug, love, attention and presence. Give that part of yourself exactly what it tells you. You can imagine holding that part, being there for yourself and giving yourself everything that you need. Once you feel that part of you has been loved completely, you are finished with the Mirror Exercise.


Now you finished the Mirror Exercise and you brought Union and peace to that place in your consciousness that you share with your Twin Flame.

Take all the time you need to sit with that part of yourself until you feel completely loved there.

Sometimes it may take a few seconds, sometimes 10 minutes or an hour.

Step 4 and loving yourself in this place is the most important step to integrate your healing.

With each completion of the Mirror Exercise and with every upset that you heal, you bring yourself one step closer to your Twin Flame and your Harmonious Union.

Enjoy your healing journey and the miracles that will naturally occur in your life and in your Union, you are healing as One together with your Twin Flame.


If you desire to learn more about Twin Flames and how to heal separation at the core, I can just recommend this amazing Free Twin Flame Introductory Course. Enjoy.

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