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No matter where you are on your Twin Flame journey, if you just started or if you are already mastered in doing the inner healing work with the Mirror Exercise, we all need encouragement at some point along our way.

Feeling your feelings is very courageous, it's for the "Bravehearts" so to speak to face your deepest fears and upsets and just to choose to move through every challenge that is coming up in your reality, no matter what.

Most people are not knowing the Mirror Exercise yet and they are stuck in their problems and don't know how to resolve them or feel resistance to face their upsets and they just choose to numb out.

Of course you are doing the inner healing work first for yourself and your Twin Flame Union, but it's also healing the collective consciousness and therefore loves and supports the whole planet.

You are allowed to pat yourself on the back and to be very proud of yourself for every Mirror Exercise you are completing!

It's very normal that when you love yourself with the Mirror Exercise that upheaval is coming up.

Everything that is not in alignment with your new vibration of love will come up to leave you forever.

It's safe to allow yourself to feel all of these surpressed emotions, it's a normal cleansing process like bringing the trash out. You are purifying your consciousness, that common consciousness that you share with your Twin Flame, you are making space for more love.

“When you call in big love, as you go deeper into new levels of loving, the old energy that has been out of alignment is going to come up for upheaval. That’s what you can expect as you continue to call in deeper levels of love. You don’t want a shallow life. You don’t want a shallow love. This is the price you pay. It’s a wonderful price to pay. You called in more love, which means you called in more God. Isn’t that Perfection? Isn’t that perfect?”

– Jeff & Shaleia

You don't have to identify with your feelings, you are not your feelings - you are consciousness.

You don't have to judge your feelings as good or bad, they are like clouds coming and going, just welcome them when they come up with love and let them pass.

You can choose to feel all of your feelings peacefully and to let go of any resistance.

There is a lot of loving support here for you in our Twin Flame Community.

You don't have to do it on your own or to move through your challenges and deepest fears alone.

You deserve all the support you need and we are all ascending hand in hand together, that's the easiest way, choosing Oneness and enjoying the journey of just feeling better and better.

If you desire loving personal support from me, I would love to be there for you.

Just fill out the contact form below or send me an email at


Here you find the link from our Upheaval Support Guide and our last Sermon from the Church of Union Sunday Service about Making Progress on your Twin Flame Journey. Enjoy.

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